Here are some things to help you understand a little bit about your lesson:

The Arena:

The arena has Markers around the edge; these are to help you understand where the instructor wants you to

perform certain exercises.

There is rhyme to help you remember where the letters are in the arena:

All King Edwards Horses Can Manage Big Fences

Below is a diagram of the arena:

Some riding terms you may hear are:

Leading file – this is the rider at the front of the ride

Rear file – this is the rider at the rear of the ride

Whole ride – all the riders together

Go Large – ride round the outside of the school

Halt – stop

Change the rein – go across the school so you change from going round to the right to going round to the

left, or the other way around

Up the centre line – turn up the middle line of the school which runs from A – C

Run up your stirrups – slide the stirrup irons up the inside leather to the top so they are safe for leading the


On the right rein/on the left rein – the direction you go round the school. Right reign is clockwise. Left rein

is anti-clockwise