Horse riding is not only about learning to ride but also about caring for an animal. We believe it is important to learn both aspects of this in order to fully appreciate the amazing relationship you can have with a horse.

Our stable management sessions are built around The Pony Club and British Horse Society tests and awards structures to give the most all-round and detailed training. You can take part by either booking individual stable management sessions, by joining in on our two hour clubs which include riding and pony care or by attending a pony day. See our timetable for details.

Under 21

For those of you that are under 21 you can work towards your Pony Club Badges, Awards and Tests. We have a special Badge book that can be ordered from Hazel which helps you to gradually work through the syllabus. There are now 31 Big Achievement Badges, 12 Progressive Awards, and 14 Pony Club Tests to be gained. This means lots to learn!

Over 21

For the adults we have the British Horse Society and The British Riding Club tests. We follow these syllabuses in order to guarantee a thorough training scheme. The BHS run a scheme called the progressive riding tests which you can get the paper work from Hazel and within this you can gain certificates for both riding and stable management without taking any tests as such, just by getting things signed off as you are seen to do them correctly. This is a great way to keep a record of your learning and see how much you are improving.