So your child is coming on a pony day with us below we have listed some things to think about when they come and what to pack them so they get the best from their day....


  3. DRINKS – lots of fluids as the children get very thirsty, drinks that can be refastened are ideal as we encourage them to constantly take sips throughout the day. Bottles are better than cartons.
  4. CHANGE OF CLOTHES – important if it is wet weather (remember socks)
  5. WATERPROOF JACKET - the most needed item in England yet the most often forgotten, we are outside so there is a chance of getting caught in a shower and a waterproof jacket is essential.
  6. PONY CLUB BADGE BOOK (from sept 2012) – only applicable if they are a member of the pony club, badge book can be purchased from Hill Farm along with membership.

We recommend that all the above is packed into a large single bag and everything is named as we have a lot of

children and it is easier to keep everything together when it comes in one bag.


All details can be found on our dress code page, please read that carefully as this will make sure your child is dressed correctly for the day and is safe and comfortable.


When you arrive you will need to fill out a riders registration form; you can also download this and bring it in with you on the morning. This registration form has all your contact details for the day, medical history and riding history. Your child’s height and weight if you bring this information with you it makes it much easier to fill out the form. PLEASE NOTE: any contact numbers given must be left on all day, we do commonly have mobile numbers left with us yet the mobile is out of battery or turned off. The more contact numbers the better in case of an emergency.


If your child is a shy nervous child and takes their time to settle in we recommend you come early on the day to give them a bit more chance to get their bearings. Booking in is the most hectic time of the day and arriving into a big crowd of people can be terrifying to a shy person so getting here early when its quiet is best and let the atmosphere build around you. Parents please be aware they may want you to stay for a few minutes so don’t schedule a meeting at 9.15!!


Although it is a rarity sometimes children become poorly, just find the day too much or decide they don’t like ponies!!!. As I said this is very rare, but if you can make sure there is a contactable person around if we do need you to come and collect them.


Please check the finish time of the pony day.  If you want to pick your child up earlier then please let us know so we know to have them ready. If you are running late caught in traffic etc please call the yard and inform them so we can let your children know as they get concerned when parents don’t show up when expected. If your friend is taking your child home please let the yard staff know. When you pick your children up you will need to come onto the yard to let the staff know you have taken them. At this point you can also ask the staff how they have got on.


Over the holidays we gather an abundance of lost property, please when picking you children up check you have all of your belongings before you leave. If you do get home and realise you’ve forgotten something call us as soon as you can so we can find it and put it aside for you to collect.