When starting riding there’s no need to go out and buy all the equipment, first of all see if you enjoy it and then gradually you can gather the necessities.

For your first few lessons you can wear:


If you don’t have riding boots then don’t worry, a boot with a small heal is fine, wellies are also ok. Try to avoid shoes with laces

as they can get caught,and trainers or shoes that don’t cover the ankle as these give little support.


Your legs must be covered, even if it is boiling outside. If you don’t have jodhpurs then leggings or jogging bottoms are the next best thing. A soft trouser is better than a jean as the seams will rub your legs and also scratch our saddles. Long socks over the top of your trousers will help stop them riding up as you ride and also give your calves extra protection against the stirrup rubbing.

Comfortable knickers or pants are recommended!!!


Clothes for the weather on your top half, your shoulders should always be covered, and if you hacking you should ideally have long sleeves on. Waterproofs are an essential item of any riders wardrobe, these need not be expensive and can be brought from your local outdoor store but will make riding in wet weather much more bearable.

Layers are ideal as you’ll start off cool but warm up as you ride, remember you’ll be wearing a riding hat so layers that unzip rather than pull off over your head are better and easily removed.

You’ll probably sweat so breathable sports layers are best, in the winter micro fleece and base layers are better and less sweaty than cotton hoodies.

Women .... A sports bra is highly recommended.


We provide riding hats for you to wear when you first start with us, but highly recommend that as soon as you decide that horse riding will be a hobby then this should be your first item you invest in as nothing ever fits you as well as your own hat.

If you have your own hat it must be a riding hat and adhere to PAS 015 standards. You’ll find these in the lining of the hat. If you’re unsure bring the hat along and you can get the instructor to check it.

When buying a hat these must be fitted by a qualified hat fitter...do not buy hats off the internet or from supermarkets these hats are unsafe and will not be guaranteed to protect the head in a case of a fall.


We recommend gloves for grip when riding and working around the horses, to start with these can be a cheap pair of magic gloves from Tesco’s! Again once you’ve been riding for a while you’ll probably want to upgrade to something more long lasting.


Make sure if your hair is long it is tied back at the nape of your neck this stops it getting in your eyes, or caught in anything. You will get a sweaty head when you ride so be prepared for the ‘hat hair’ look once you finish..if you plan to go to the pub after you

may want to bring a brush!!!

Body protectors

These are recommended for all horse riding activities and can be brought from a local saddler, they must be fitted so we don’t advise them to be brought off the internet. For your first few lessons these are not a necessity but it’s up to you, I’m afraid we do not have these to borrow.

What definitely not to wear...

Jewellery is not allowed to be worn when riding, other than a watch we recommend you remove all other jewellery before you come.

Strappy tops offer little protection and in the summer are causes of sunburn.

Sandals, high heels, shorts, skirts all not suitable when riding